While you have installed a security alarm system in your house or business premises, it is very essential that you keep it properly serviced and regularly checked by a skilled technician. The regular maintenance ensures the good working conditions of an alarm system and reduces the situations of false alarm events. It also helps in increasing the longevity of a system.

It is usually recommended for a customer to plan the regular maintenance visits of a professional technician through the reliable Burglar alarm fitters Manchester. But, in the case, the client is not interested in making a contract or agreement, the Burglar alarm installer in Manchester offers him a technician’s visit for a one-off call-out visit. In this option, the fee charged is depends on types of problem and premises, usually visit fee for office premises are higher than residential alarm systems.

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The annual security system package: Most of the customers agree to make a maintenance agreement that ensures a regular visit by installers technician for maintenance and repair as well as the immediate visit on any emergency call by a customer. Some installers happily provide the maintenance service for the systems installed by the others. Here, the amount or fee charged for the technician’s visit is decided according to mutual bargain between the service provider and the customer. One more thing to consider, both parties should make sure that the available technician is skilled and experienced enough to deal with the problems and their troubleshoot in relation to that particular type of alarm system.


Generally a maintenance package includes the following elements:

  • Maintaining and repairing all the parts except of batteries
  • One or two emergency services on call every year
  • At least two maintenance visit per year
  • Assured 3-4 hour emergency response
  • Technical helpdesk telephone/mobile support
  • Remote reset facility in relation of the monitored alarm
  • Report of engineer’s visit by mail or post
  • Direct debit payment facility

Many providers o Burglar alarm service Manchester also provide the online calculator to get a rough idea about the possible charges of any kind of maintenance and repairing service, under the titles and items mentioned in that package foe example, motion detectors, glass break detectors, temperature or contact detectors, etc. For the items other than the subject matter of the package should be finalized by mutual talk.


Remote servicing: Modern security alarm systems are, generally, attached to the phone lines. This feature generally facilitates the remote diagnosis and servicing. No doubt, the efficiency and speed both increase as there is no need of the visit by the technician.

Investing in the regular maintenance and repairing is actually in the best benefit of the customer as it helps in detecting the problems before they arise and their easy solution. Otherwise, as the problem gets bigger , it requires a higher amount to get solved.

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